maralThe past couple of years I have been spending long hours on my computer writing my dissertation.  I came to Tim because I had excruciating pain in my neck, upper back, arms and hands.  I could not dance, cook, open a jar, let alone type, write, and read.  Being a dancer myself, I was super excited to find out Tim's extensive experience in treating athletes and dancers.  He knew exactly what worked and what not with hyper flexible body like mine in dealing with my chronic pain.  Tim was remarkeable in his approach, evaluation and treatment of my condition, part of which he noted was being triggered by stress.  During physical therapy sessions, Tim worked with me through massages and strengthening exercies.  He gave me many tips on how to deal with my chronic pain and manage my stress level.  He taught me how to breathe correctly, and how to sit on my office chair to maintain correct posture.  With time, he helped me build stamina to sit for longer sessions on my workstation.  I can now say that most days I am 100% pain free.  I am back dancing, performing yoga and pilates.  I certainly couldn't have made it through the writing process of my dissertation without Tim's help.  Thank you!!