Shoulder Injuries

apglideghThe shoulder comprises several joints that are held in place by tendons, muscles, and ligaments to allow a wide range of motion to the arm. It is the most mobile and one of the most potentially unstable joints in the body.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, approximately 6 million people seek help for shoulder pain each year.  When experienced, shoulder pain may be localized or felt in areas around the shoulder or down the arm. Causes of shoulder pain include age-related degeneration of the surrounding soft tissues, strain and overuse activities, and trauma.


Common Shoulder Conditions Treated

1.  Frozen Shoulder
2.  Shoulder tendonitis
3.  Rotator Cuff Injury
4.  Bursitis
5.  Dislocations and Instability
6. Shoulder Separations

Factors often overlooked in the Treatment of shoulder injuries

  • Stiffness in the thoracic spine and ribs affecting scapular mobility and shoulder joint stability and control.
  • Poor control of the lower back and pelvic muscles resulting in overuse and restricted motion in the upper torso.
  • Posture and breathing abnormalities resulting in poor shoulder blade movement patterns.

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