Knee Injuries

connortgsquatKnees are complex, weight-bearing joints that provide your body with flexibility, support, and a wide range of motion. Because of the knee's complexity and the amount of use it gets over a lifetime, it is susceptible to injury and is a common site of pain.

Although many knee injuries are caused by overuse, problems with alignment, sports or physical activities, and failure to warm up and stretch before exercise, they can also result from trauma such as a car accident, a fall, or a direct blow to the knee. Depending on the type and severity of joint damage, knee pain can be minor or can lead to severe discomfort and disability.

You should seek medical advice if you have pain or swelling of the knee that occurs at night or persists more than a few days, a crunching or grinding sound when you place weight on the knee, difficulty bearing weight, loss of motion, or instability.

Common Knee Conditions Treated

1.  Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

2.  Patella tendonitis

3.  Bursitis

4.  Sprain (ACL, PCL, MCL)

5.  Osteoarthritis

6.  Knee Replacements

Factors often overlooked in the Treatment of Knee injuries

  • Local core control and how it affects loading the Lower extremity
  • Ankle ROM  and its affects on loading the knee
  • Patients beliefs on what is the best way load the knee, many people squat withe the weight on their heels which is not a stable or efficient way to load the lower extremity.
  • Previous injury.  Many times the pain is gone but altered loading and movement patterns increase knee pain.  Common examples are big toe or ankle injury leading to altered gait increasing the load on the knee.


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