Hip and Thigh Injuries

Your hips-the joints where your thigh bone meets your pelvis bone-are very stable. It takes great force to seriously damage a healthy hip.

A handful of overuse and sports injuries are associated with the hip; some male adolescents may experience growth-related hip problems, and some women may also face pelvis- or hip-related difficulties during pregnancy. However, the majority of hip problems are associated with aging, disease, and fractures in the elderly. Elderly people are subject to the most serious problems: life- threatening hip fractures that are often due to osteoporosis, the disease that causes brittle bones.

Hip and Thigh Conditions Treated

1.  Hip Replacement or resurfacing

2.  Arthroscopic hip surgeries or joint injury

3.  Hip Osteoarthritis

4.  Strains and Sprains

5.  Hip bursitis

6.  Tendonitis

Factors often overlooked in the Treatment of Hip and Thigh conditions

  • The importance of coordination of the hip and the core muscles to improve strength and function in weight bearing activities
  • The importance of hip extension mobility for normal gait
  • The effect of posture on hip function