Geriatric Physical Therapy

Tim McCullough worked for world renown Geriatric Physical Therapist Carole Lewis  for 3 ½ years. She is the past owner of Premier Physical Therapy and author of a top selling book " Age Defying Fitness". Tim learned from Carole that age does not limit one's ability to be strong, productive, and athletic. She was active in geriatric research and owned her own seminar and publishing company, "Great Seminars and Books."  Under Carole's mentorship Tim learned how to effectively treat the geriatric population. He learned the importance of staying on top of the latest treatment and assessment techniques in the field of Physical Therapy. While working with Carole, Tim helped in the production of Physical Therapy Publications (Orthopedic Flash Cards and others) and was an assistant at one of her excellent seminars.


"Tim is terrific with young athletes, but he's also especially skilled and empathetic with older clients.  My husband, in his late seventies, was having increasing trouble walking, and was diagnosed with nerve damage to his legs from radiation therapy.  The neurologist said physical therapy would be useless, and offered to write a prescription for a motorized scooter. But our internist referred him to Tim, and my husband had a dozen more happy years, striding briskly with the aid of a snazzy rolling walker, and even walking the length of the corridor and around our home on his own.

He is great with young clients, with athletes in their prime, and with older people like me and my husband, who found new strength, confidence, and mobility in our eighties and nineties."

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