Foot and Ankle Conditions foot

The human foot contains 26 bones, about 13% of the body's total number. Connecting this set of bones to the lower leg is the ankle, a joint we greatly rely on to provide both stability (supporting our weight while standing) and mobility (allowing us to walk, run, and jump). Considering all that we ask of our feet and ankles, it's no surprise that this intricate structure is a common site for tears, strains, sprains, and fractures.

Foot and Ankle Conditions Treated

1.  Ankle Sprain

2.  Plantar Fascitis

3.  Fractures

4.  Ankle tendonitis (Posterior Tibial, Peroneal, Achilles)

5.  Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

6.  Metatarsalgia/ Neuromas

7.  Big toe pain or Hallux Valgus

8.  Calf strain

Factors often overlooked in the Treatment of Ankle conditions

  • Gait and range of motion abnormalities that might contribute to a foot or ankle pain (especially big toe and ankle motion)
  • Hip and Core muscle control and its affect on the loading pattern through the foot.
  • Previous injury for which the body is compensating creating pain or abnormal stress to the foot and ankle

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