lawsonI can't say enough about the work Tim did to help me get back on my feet after years of chronic back pain and several failed attempts with other phycial therapist.  Before seeing Tim, I had surgery to repair a herniated disc; after recovering from that, I was hit by a car while road biking and experienced a major setback.  Tim immediately instilled confidence in me that I would IMPROVE.  Unlike any other physical therapist or other medical service provider who treated me after my surgery and bicycle crash, Tim treated the cause of my back tightness and pain, rather than just the symptoms.  Tim used manual skills to restore movement in parts of my back and body that had been tight and restricted for too long.  In addition, Tim taught me how to "help myself", rather than rely on chiropractors and others, by teaching me strength and flexibility exercises to re-train muscles in a way to get the "tight ones" to do less and the "weak ones" to do more.  Tim's treatment also helped me to do basic functional movements with less stress on my back.  Because of Tim's treatments, I can once again skate, ski, and do many of the other things that make life fun and meaningful!